Spielberg, not Shakespeare: What We Can Learn from YouTube When Flipping the Classroom
Students get much of their entertainment, music, and information from YouTube's powerful distribution infrastructure. Their expectations about media consumption, shaped by YouTube, also shape their expectations about watching video elsewhere online -- including the flipped classroom. How do we design flipped presentations that meet the expectations of these savvy YouTube consumers? The field of cognitive science has taught us much in the past few years about how we are receive and encode information as part of the learning process. Interestingly, directorial and editing techniques that have been long used in both movies and the theater correspond with some of the best practices derived from cognitive research. This multidisciplinary talk looks at how we can create highly engaging and impactful flipped (or live) lectures--lectures that are easier for the brain to encode, process, and retrieve when needed--by utilizing these techniques and meeting the expectations of students shaped by YouTube.
Brian Klaas
6/13/2017 7:30:00 PM

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